St. Oswald's Scottish Episcopal Church, Glasgow
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Welcome to St. Oswalds Kings Park!

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively. If one of them falls down, the other can help him/her up.

This month is just begun and I was reminded that the deadline for my wise words letter is the day I return from holiday, so here I am writing the letter for May! I was rushing to get it done and to be honest not looking forward to sitting here doing it. I want to begin my holiday and right now it is Thursday evening, and my leave begins tonight.

So what is the problem? I am not busy or over worked, I am not sad or ill, I have enough time to write and a wonderful study to write in.

The problem is actually motivation. I feel like a battery operated toy; I was fully charged last July and set to do what I do best, but over the months I have not recharged, I have set myself apart, I have been still in sickness, I have been in .low power・ mode for some time, but crucially I have ignored the .Battery running low・ warning. It now feels as though I have just enough charge left to urgently get to my retreat and receive a complete super charge.

But Have you ever plugged your phone or computer in to charge when it has completely run down? It makes a sound .blip・ but nothing happens, the screen stays blank it still can・t do what it was designed to do because it has been used to its capacity and not charged until it was depleted. Only when it has taken enough charge to turn on again will anything actually work and that takes quite a while. If you need the device in the meantime forget it, it has no power. Well That is me right now!

I am usually very good at balancing my time, I never get busy and have not been busy this time. I have however been loading my brain with new things, new places new people, and a new country. and I completely forgot that all of these things draw energy from my battery and if it was not for Ashley and some other wise people encouraging me to recharge, the light that is my energy would have simply turned off and would take ages to recharge fully again.
So It is good to have a team building up around me now, a wise and hardworking team. They take a share of the day to day running of a community church which is what St Oswald・s is. They look for opportunities to reach out, they get on with making new contacts and they develop new strategies for building up God・s Kingdom. They also tell me to stop! They are pearls of great price and worth more to me than gold.

As a church family we absolutely must share with each other when we feel our batteries are low, or tell each other to slow down. We can encourage each other to live a balanced life, not all work not all play, not all prayer and not all shopping. Offering for a duty in church does not mean doing it ALL by ourselves. God wants us to work in pairs or family units however a family is made up.

Why? Well Rest, recuperation, and recreation, take a day each, so whilst some of us are resting, others are recuperating, whilst they are recuperating a group will be enjoying recreation, this cycle is essential for a good healthy active life.

Hebrews 10:24-25a Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good. Let us not give up the habit of meeting together,

I absolutely enjoy my life with you all, it is the best church I have ministered in. You are my family and friends, my help and my support. Without you all I can not be a functioning priest.


I promise to look out for all of you, will you do your best to look out for me too.

See you after my holiday.
God bless you

Lesley-ann xx

This is our community...

Please sign our guest book and leave us a message before you move on! We take great heart from messages from our visitors! Don't be shy! We can always delete the ones we don't like! If only life could be like that!

St Oswald's weekly services continue in the sandstone Church, original Church dedicated 1931, time of services available on this website.

The new townhouses beside and flats opposite are all full with our new neighbours. Welcome to King's Park and welcome to St Oswald's.

The congregation has decided, for the time being, to suspend the plans to build a new hall. The sandstone Church will continue to be a multi-purpose facility, as a hall for congregational and community activities Monday - Saturday and a place of worship on Sundays.

The Scottish Episcopal Church is a welcoming one, and despite popular myth, is NOT English, having its roots firmly in Scottish history. We are, however, a part of the Anglican Communion, and that is important to us.

We are often jokingly known as the "half-way home" between the Catholic/Protestant divide in Scotland.

We welcome everyone, and you will find our clergy more than willing to discuss baptism, marriage, or the renewal of marriage vows at a significant anniversary. In the sad event of a bereavement, they would be only too willing to help, and conduct a funeral if asked.

In the Episcopal Church, we pride ourselves in being open-minded and inclusive. Please visit us again!


and remember our willingness to minister to your needs and care for the community, whether you are a member or not! Our web page is constantly updated.

If you have a group looking for hall accommodation, we could also help.

  • 70TH ANNIVERSARY PICTURES -- Friday, September 28, 2001

  • COMMUNITY FUND GRANT AWARDED! -- Thursday, September 27, 2001

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