Spiritual Leadership Training Package

Training Package If you...
· Wish to be a shepherd, not a manager, but don't know where to start
· Desire more shepherding effectiveness
· Are a new elder and are feeling overwhelmed
· Want coaching in practical shepherding skills
· Or are preparing new people to help you shepherd....
Then Lynn Anderson’s Spiritual Leadership Training Package may be for you.

A twelve-session training package that is filled with hands-on shepherding and mentoring skills is now available. Applying the principles in They Smell Like Sheep, this training package incorporates video instruction and group interaction, but goes far beyond the book.

Suitable for use in small or large groups, this spiritual leadership training is designed primarily for church leaders, but the basic Biblical principles apply in all areas of spiritual leadership - parenting, friendship, small group leadership, coaching - and even in the market place.

What churches are saying...
"Now that we are several sessions into the Spiritual Leadership Training, we can see that this is going to have a permanent impact on our church. The materials are easy to use. The teaching is on target. The assignments are causing each participant to be renewed in their walk with God. We couldn't be more pleased."
-Jim Hackney
Heritage Church of Christ
Fort Worth, Texas

“Lynn's They Smell Like Sheep seminar has helped our leadership focus on the one thing necessary but often overlooked: relational trust built through shepherding, mentoring, and equipping. These are essentials for any leadership and this training package will make Lynn's expertise and experience available to many more.”
-Rick Brown
Preaching Minister
Tomball Church of Christ
Tomball, Texas

The Training Package includes:
•Four DVDs
•A facilitator’s three-ring binder
•A participant’s spiral-bound workbook
•Access to our online Facilitator's Forum

Price: $300

Fac Guide Additional Resources
One participant’s workbook is included in the Training Package. This workbook will be used by the facilitator of the group. They Smell Like Sheep is required reading for each session.

Participant Workbooks - $18 each
Paperback copies of They Smell Like Sheep - $10

Call our office at (210) 690-2597. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.   

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22 Park Mountain
San Antonio, TX 78255

(210) 690-2597
email: Hope Network

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