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After four decades of full-time ministry in churches from Canada to Texas, Lynn Anderson has now launched the most challenging and fulfilling work of his life.

Lynn has been well trained in the formal sense with a Doctorate in ministry, but he is also trained in the informal sense, through the school of hard knocks. Communicating the heart is his strength. Lynn has preached in evangelism campaigns, workshops and lectureships in several hundred congregations—rural, small town, metropolitan—domestic and foreign—large and small.

For the twenty-five years Lynn has served as an adjunct professor at Abilene Christian University, teaching missions, ministry, and leadership courses. And through those years he has been called on increasingly by scores of minister and numerous churches—as they sought encouragement, resources, and counsel in the midst of the challenges of church leadership.

Admittedly, Lynn’s most valuable asset is his network of resource people. He has friends and colleagues everywhere. He has connections with the best information and he is called by God to get that information to the people who need it the most. Without a doubt, Lynn Anderson is called by God to consistently, passionately, and effectively coach and equip church leaders for the 21st century.

I hear it everywhere: the stress and tension of church ministry, vanishing values, families falling apart, time honored assumptions falling by the wayside, conflict between traditional and progressive thought, the pace of life. No one can escape the challenges facing us as we prepare for the next century.

Church leaders, elders and ministers, are being pounded on all sides. Elders face weekly meetings and “special” church events, counseling, trouble shooting, refereeing disagreements between church members, teaching, the inevitable surprises that come up.

Ministers face overwhelming expectations while being hampered by unworkable systems. Some dash into the fray with lots of heart and too few skills—and get demolished. Too many good ministers burn out or give up. Some become adversarial, get fired, and wind up with broken spirits and broken churches. Others plod on, but with little hope.

In spite of all the real world conditions, there is reason to hope. Right now, armies of fresh leadership recruits, sensing both the urgency of God’s mission and the rapidly changing terrain of the playing field, are rising up in hot pursuit of the heart and the skills to lead their churches into the 21st Century in the way Jesus would want them led.

I could not be more hopeful about the future. God is using me daily as an encourager—as a mentor and coach for equipping leaders in His Kingdom. It is my full-time passion. And, I’m bringing a network of worldclass cohorts along with me.

Of course, through four decades of ministry, I have failed often, have humiliated myself repeatedly, and have at times felt hurt and betrayed. But God has sustained and taught. So now I respond to God’s call. Now, I spend my days equipping and coaching and mentoring as God opens doors and hearts.

Hope Network is my vision bigger than all of us and I invite you to share the journey as we team together as God equips us all for leading his people into the 21st century.

Lynn Anderson
Founder, Hope Network Ministries

Hope Network Ministries
22 Park Mountain
San Antonio, TX 78255

(210) 690-2597
email: Hope Network

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